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We believe all customers prefer to have a smooth customer service journey. We solve this by offering companies the opportunity to hire a digital employee trained to resolve issues without any waiting time. The Skyssons are familiar with the technology needed to do their jobs like RPA, Chatbot and Intelligent Virtual Assistance. Nevertheless, they are all about doing the job that needs to be done and doing it extremely well. The Skysson´s aim is not to answer all repeated requests from customers as they rather seek ways to proactively solve problems by notifying customers seeking assurance and solving issues proactively. Most companies are seeking digital transformation and are aware of most of the digital solutions available. By hiring a Skysson you can stop thinking about technology and start thinking about results and let the Skyssons use the tools and technology needed to get the job done.


Digital Employees we provide

Fast growing family of digital employees

Nature Photographer

Skysson for travel related industry

The Skysson family are specializing in jobs in the travel service industries.

Rugby Players

Skysson for customer service

Within the travel industry we are focusing on customer service.

Customer Service Rep

Family of Digital employees

The Skysson family are a family of digital employees you can hire. We are specializing in the customer service empathising on the tourism business. The Skysson family is Icelandic and to explain the story behind our family name every Icelander is named as the son of his father so if the fathers name is Jon his son would be Jonsson.  Our forefathers name was Sky and therefore we became the Skysson family.

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